with a side effect of

motivation level elevation

To our rich experience in manufacturing and management consulting the well known facts got proven again and again;

all organizations need improvement but only a few has data for it

as data collection is too time consuming and

employees aren`t motivated enough to collect,

process and utilize them for tangible imrovement.

To support manufacturing sites we developed a set of free mobile applications to automatically

decrease machine down time,

improve process and product quality

getting use of employee’s mobile and IoT technologies to utilize them for collecting data right where they raise; on the line.

But as data are just a bunch of numbers without proper use,

beside engineering and management reports we offer them to

help technical support to eliminate downtime

as efficiently as possible utilizing the knowledge base being built - right when and where they need it; beside the machine. 

So, should you want more details about our solution, want to be informed about the news or just learn the way as we

motivate employees

towards your goals

just hit the button below and you won`t miss a thing about 

Haris Engineer automated OEE improvement system.