Press Release #1

Haris Engineering Press Release #1

"An invitation to become part of Industry 4.0”

CEE shall catch up with the productivity of the West

Haris Engineering is proud to announce the launch of a new, simple and cheap way to obtain productivity data for small to mid-sized production companies. Their team consisting of engineers and LEAN management specialists just recently won 3 awards in the prestigious BrainBar OxoLabs Blastoff Startup Competition.

“The fundamental problem in productivity improvement is that you are stopped at data collection and control. Industrial PLC’s, production sensors are expensive, spreadsheets are too manual to record data and are a poor use of time and productivity,” says Péter Perecz, Founder and CEO.

Haris Engineering have identified a user-friendly, inexpensive way for users in any setting, across any production environment, to measure and collate critical data through an accelerometer which feeds data through to an application that can be installed on any smartphone. The product (Haris Operator) is installed in minutes and automatically starts to capture speed losses and downtimes. Through the application on the smartphone, the Operator then has the option to record any critical notes against the data being recorded by the sensor on the machine – for immediate action and further analysis and improvement at a later stage.

With the prizes of the awards having secured the support of Microsoft for its safe data-cloud technology, the team has also secured business development support through DesignTerminal Co. and Impact Works to reinforce public relations and marketing development activity.

“Eastern-Europe small to mid-sized firms are in the core of our strategy where wages must still be increased, and the only way to stay competitive is to maximize productivity levels. Anyone who is looking to improve productivity without the need for additional engineering and maintenance services can benefit from this solution” – says Péter.

For more information or participating in the piloting of the product in your production environment, please visit .

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